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Join our Expanding network of reseller worldwide. The Logo Reseller is Dedicated Reseller Friendly platform for over 2 Decade.
Logo Packages

We have designed Two different but attractive
packages for you


70% off


Reseller Price 70% off

$45incl. GST

  • 4 Unique Logo Design Concepts to Choose from
  • 4 Logo Designers will work on the Project
  • 1 Revision
  • No Clipart Used
  • Full Copyright


70% off


Reseller Price 70% off

$75incl. GST

  • 7 Unique Logo Design Concepts to Choose from
  • 7 Logo Designers will work on the Project
  • Unlimited Revisions till you are 100% Satisfied
  • No Clipart Used
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Redraws
  • Full Copyright

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Reseller Opportunities Put Our Design Team to Work for You

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Our reseller opportunity is unbeatable. Let's work together if you want to offer your customers top-of-the-line logo design services.
How it Works

You sell logo design to your contacts and customers.

Our service is completely White Label. You can offer design services in your name, without even mentioning our name at all! Meanwhile, we will be in the background, producing fantastic logos that will keep your clients happy and your pockets full.

Our reseller plans are the best offered on internet,

Our reseller plan offers the highest commission to our resellers.

You quote your own price to your customers,

Add markup and make huge profits. We are always behind the scene and work as your virtual design team. The price you pay to us is never known to your customer.

We can provide online support whenever necessary;

If your customer wants to speak to the design team, we can extend our support and speak to the customer representing your company.

Why it works

Our rates are spectacular.

One of the reasons we are willing to offer such reasonable rates is because we can deal with volume. We give fantastic rates to our resellers, who can then sell logo design services at a healthy profit. All you need is a good front-end; we handle everything else.


This logo design reseller deal is even more attractive.

When you consider the massive demand for this service. New businesses continue to start, startup fever is all over the place, online business continues to explode, and every business start-up has one thing in common — the need for a logo. This leads to thousands of new potential customers every single day!

Who can make it work

A reseller opportunity in the logo design field is a potential winner for just about anyone. To get business and get paid, you just need to approach the right audience. We take care of the rest. It’s a perfect chance to sell a service that has significant demand. This is without having to invest a great deal of time or energy in the process!

Who retains copyright of the logos I ask you to design?

You will retain full copyright ownership of each logo design.

What Happends if I need you to talk to my client?

What is your confidentiality agreement?

How long will it take before I recieve my Logo ?

What if I am not Satisfied with the designs?

How do i Submit my Logo Request?

What is The Logo Reseller

The logo design services we offer to our current resellers are proving to be very popular. When you partner up with The Logo Reseller, you can become a successful logo designer in almost no time.


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